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Reverse Advent Calendar

Let’s try and help families less fortunate than ourselves this Christmas.

If you are able to, please take part in our ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’ appeal – instead of receiving a small gift each day by taking something out, we aim to give one by putting something in! Starting on Tuesday 1 December, every weekday we encourage members of our school community to place a donation in a box. On Friday 18 December we’ll then
take the box to the nearest food bank, to share among people who are facing a tough time at the moment. You can also do this yourself at home – many supermarkets are acting as collection points for food banks.

This small act of compassion might make a big difference to some people – but it’s also entirely voluntary – no-one has to do it. If you wanted to, instead of buying
items for the appeal, you could always make a Christmas card to help cheer someone up? It’s great if you are able to help. More and more people – regrettably – are relying
on food banks and as well as supporting them, we want to raise awareness of food poverty to try and eventually get rid of it.

By sharing your donations each day on social media – using the hashtag #FoodbankAdvent – it helps keep the appeal fresh in everyone’s minds.

Practically, it’s probably easiest to buy items in one go or once a week rather than going to the shop every day.

Search for your local food bank online to see what items they are looking for, as this can change on a weekly basis.


Thank You- and Merry Christmas!

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