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SEND coordinator

The SEND coordinator for Haxby Road is Mrs Jemma Tasker.

‘As SENCO, I am passionate about using a creative, flexible, family centred approach to help each individual shine! Here at Haxby Road Primary Academy we aim to create personalised learning plans that allow any individual, to not only belong to our family, but also flourish and reach their full potential. If you have any concerns about your child’s development I am here to signpost you to relevant support and I am always here to provide a listening ear so please do not hesitate to get in touch.’ 

For further information, please call the school office or email

  • Ebor SEN Policy 2021/22

  • SEN Information Report

    To view the full report page, click here.

  • SEN Resources Covid - 19

    Please see the SEN Information Report to find out how we are supporting our children’s wellbeing and how we aim to close the gaps created by the Covid 19 pandemic.

    One thing that is on-going is the daily changes that Covid 19 is creating in our lives. Here are some additional ideas, approaches and resources to support your family’s wellbeing and understanding throughout the pandemic. Our open door policy (although virtual) still remains and we are always here to provide more bespoke support. Please do not hesitate to contact the school office for further support from the SEN/Wellbeing team.

  • Local Authority Offer – CYC

  • Reading is Our School Priority

    Reading and SEND – How can I support my child make good progress in reading?

    Did you know that reading a favourite book to your child and then having them read it back to you can provide excellent opportunities to develop speech and language? Even if the child is too young to be able to read words having them explain what they see in the book and remembering the context from hearing it can strengthen speech and confidence. Audiobooks are also great ways for children with SEND to access books and develop a love of language and reading.

    You can make a difference

    The activities you do at home and the positive reinforcement you provide can help your child make huge strides toward speaking clearly an important skill he or she will need to succeed in the future. Please speak to your class teacher for more specific ways you can help boost your child’s reading at home.

    Reading opens so many opportunities for learning for the future for our pupils – in order to prepare our pupils with SEND for adulthood they must be able to read. We have a fantastic school wave 1 offer for all pupils with SEND and additional specialist interventions for reading such as, precision teaching and craft phonics to help pupils retain knowledge and improve their fluency.

    If you feel your child needs more specialist speech support please do contact me.

    Please see here for our ‘Reading Pathway Promise’: Haxby Road Reading Pathway Promise.pptx

  • Flexible Grouping - meeting the needs of our children through our high quality teaching

    In school at the moment there is a huge focus on flexible grouping – this is where teachers tailor lessons for students with individual needs. This involves changing the content, delivery, or methods of learning to ensure every child learns in a way that’s suitable for them. I am going into class weekly to look at what this looks like in lessons, books and through speaking to your children. Please do contact me if you have any concerns or anything you would like to discuss.

  • SEND. In school, In Uniform, On Time...

    It is vital for all children to be ‘In School, In Uniform and On Time’ to ensure they do not miss vital interventions, meet and greets, check in’s and learning opportunities. For children with additional needs – support is set up in school from the moment they arrive and this uses vital school resources to help your children achieve their SEN plan targets. Please see myself or Sam Smart if you need more support with this. We will be monitoring very closely attendance of pupils this term and we are happy to provide home learning if your child is unwell.

    It is so important that all children feel part of our school family and a big part of that is wearing our school uniform. If you need any help with sensory needs or providing a school uniform please do speak to me. We are more than happy with you to make reasonable adjustments to ensure your child feels comfortable and ready to learn.

    If your child is experiencing School Based Anxiety – we are highly experienced in working with families to ensure your child can overcome this and receive a full education. We understand the first step to this is reducing the anxiety and therefore we can work with you and professionals to offer a bespoke package of support to build up to a full school timetable. Please do speak to us about any worries your child may have, we will work with you to find the right support for your child. We have a bank of Social and Emotional Interventions and support from Ms Martin in our HUB.

    We understand that for children on the SEND register they are needed to attend additional appointments linked to their needs. If your child has medical appointments – please bring your child to school as soon as possible and provide proof of the appointment to the school office. We are happy to set up break out spaces for Zoom appointments in school and want to try to minimise any disruption to routine where possible. Thank you for your support with this.

    If your child is finding school tiring, we can implement rest breaks. We offer bespoke packages for our pupils with SEND and would happily adapt the school day to ensure a child can still access as much learning as possible.

  • You are the experts - we need you!

    As parents and carers you are the true experts on your children. To fully support the your child in and out of school, you can share knowledge with us that you think will help your child in school.

    We are committed to working with you to maximise your child’s learning potential. If you have any top tips of things that work at home- share with your class teacher on SeeSaw. We would love to find out more! As SENDCO, we hold regular meetings to find out more about your child, I do meet and greet on a Wednesday morning so I am always available to share information with and we do a virtual SEND cafe as a networking opportunity to speak to other parents with additional needs. We are a family and child centred school and we believe that by working together we can support your child in our school.

  • Preparing for Adulthood

    A big part of a children’s journey to adulthood starts is in school! For children with SEND needs it is vital we prepare our children for adulthood and the world beyond school, to care for themselves, others and prepare them for employment.
    At Haxby Road Primary Academy we are focusing on skills for independence and self care. Every child will have a personalised preparing for adulthood target to ensure they are taking steps with us to prepare for life beyond school!


Feedback from the Community

‘The class community understand and care for my child’s needs.’

‘I cannot fault my child’s communication book. It is absolutely fantastic – every problem and success is documented!’

‘Children who need rest breaks now access to sensory room.’

‘I can’t complain – school are brilliant with medical needs and take on board any medication my child needs!’

‘SENCO listens to us and follows up actions.’

‘Teachers accept and appreciate my child for who she is!’

"School provide me with a communication book and I have a point of contact where I can discuss concerns with my SEND children. This reduces my anxiety."