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The 4Family childcare hub

The 4Family childcare hub is a group of early years and childcare practitioners working together to provide high-quality daycare to the local community, ‘The Groves’. We aim to provide a flexible and responsive childcare offer to our families.

Watch the video: Our work as a 4Family Hub and Delivering Differently in Neighbourhoods.

See here for more info: 4familyleafletSept21

The aim of the Hub is to bring together different providers of early years education and childcare for children aged 0-11 in the local area.

The hub is a great way of signposting parents to what childcare is available within the local community. The 4 Family hub projects are funded by the Department of Education (DFE) and coordinated by the National charity 4children. The 4 Family hub is one of 14 Hubs chosen to pilot the project by the local government to bring together high-quality daycare providers and childminders to develop a sustainable partnership model for flexible and responsive children offer locally.

Haxby Road Primary Academy

We believe our Early Years is an extra special place where each child can take their own steps together to explore and discover the world. What children experience in Nursery can create strong and lasting foundations on which to build in later life, so we believe it is essential that the experiences are of the highest quality.

We offer spaces for children from 2 years old in our Tiny Steps Academy, 3 and 4 years olds in our Nursery provision and Reception school places for 5 year olds. School days last from 8.30am-3pm. For Tiny Steps and Nursery children we offer the 15 hours of care over two full days and a half day session.

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Our Goals
  • Improve and provide high-quality childcare within the local community
  • Provide blended childcare to parents
  • Support the provision of new childcare places