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The Enrichment programme at Haxby Road Primary Academy inspires and teaches children important life skills needed to develop their own cultural capital.  This extended school is carried out as part of the school day, which is delivered to all pupils in Years 5 and 6.

The aim of the Enrichment Programme is to allow an engaging and exciting programme of extra curricular activities, which provide opportunities for all children to develop new talents and skills, which they may not have otherwise been able to access.

For this academic year, the enrichment programme will be led by  teachers and specialist staff equipped with specialist training and expertise.  The following provision and learning opportunities have been provided for all children:

Cook School



Sports – Multi-Skills

Sports – Multi-Sports

Creative Crafts



Puzzles/ Problem Solving

Forest School


All activities have been focused around giving children the opportunity to grow, flourish, and celebrate success.

Cook School

In cook school we start the year focusing on the basics for our new year 5’s but also as to reinforce for the year 6’s. This covers kitchen rules including hygiene, safety and knife skills. Building on these skills we progress to more challenging recipes next term we have been making our own healthy versions of take always including KFC, burgers and Korma.  

The lesson always ends with the children sitting at the dining table to  taste the food we have cooked. They then take home a portion of the food and a copy of the recipe. 

In previous years the children spent a week baking and organising a bake sale they really enjoyed this.

Ms Rose.  Specialist Cook School lead.


In Spanish enrichment, we continue to build our understanding of Spanish phonics, vocabulary and grammar in creative ways whilst developing an intercultural understanding of Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. 

Our enrichment sessions throughout the year aim to enhance the creative curriculum and support class topics whilst developing their language skills. This year we will be looking more closely at Spanish-speaking countries, inspired by our ‘Here, There, Everywhere’ topic and will be exploring maps, art, craft, food, dance and music from a variety of countries. 

Later on in the year, we will also be looking at Spanish festivals eg. Las fallas and La tomatina. 

In addition to this, we will be preparing things to share with our Spanish Partner School in Madrid at various times throughout the year.

Nieves Sadullah – Specialist Spanish teacher


This year in Music Enrichment our children will be learning vocal and singing skills in an ensemble, a choir. 

Singing in our choir will develop aural, listening and music reading skills. Lyric sheets will be used with both printed music and song words. Our young musicians will experience learning to read song material from a score, refining listening skills by singing in unison and in parts.
Learning to singing in a choir introduces musical concepts such as vocal health, awareness of others’ voices, legato singing, phrasing and diction as well as incorporating an awareness of pitch, metre, pulse, rhythm, dynamics and tempo. 

The children will learn how to perform in a large ensemble, in smaller groups and possibly solo performances all of which build musical self-confidence. Singing in a choir develops performance skills, improves posture, improves breathing and increases an awareness of communication through song.

Our Enrichment at HR is a precious opportunity to nurture our young musicians. 

Mrs McCartney – Music Specialist Lead


The children that come to my enrichment are able to play a range of sporting activities which they may not have played before i.e. Handball, Baseball and Dodgeball etc. All these sporting activities have a huge impact on the child’s development throughout their time at Haxby Road. Here are just a few examples of how sport has helped our children.

I have noticed through sports participation it can help children develop social skills that will benefit them throughout their entire lives. They learn to interact not only with other children their age, but also with older individuals. During enrichment children learn leadership skills, team-building skills and communication skills that will help them in school, their future career and personal relationships.

It can also have a huge positive impact on a child’s self-esteem and confidence. Children who participate in my enrichment get praise and encouragement, which helps to build self-confidence. They also learn to trust in their own abilities and push themselves. Constructive criticism is also a major part of sports participation, and the children eventually learn to accept such criticism and use it to their benefit.

Lastly, but I feel it is an important one. Children who participate in my enrichment perform much better in their class setting as well. Behaviour seems to be not an issue and they can apply the same principles of dedication and hard work learned through sports participation to their work.

Mr Robinson – Specialist Sports Coach & K.Eddon Assistant Head of school.

Creative Crafts

Cross-curricular topics are a fantastic way to cover the Art and Design curriculum, allowing children to engage creatively with different areas of the curriculum at the same time. 

In our Creative Crafts enrichment session, the children will embark on a design project linked to their current topic. In the past, projects have included designing


In Makaton, we learn a new way to communicate using signs and gestures alongside our words. These skills are so helpful for the children to learn and they can use some signs moving forward in their lives. 

This allows them the ability to communicate with others who use Makaton and develop more understanding and empathetic relationships and views to people who have communication difficulties.

Throughout their sessions, the children learn the introductions in Makaton, alongside learning animals, foods and routines. 

We also get the opportunity to learn a song in Makaton and perform this for others!  

Miss Wilkinson – EYFS Teacher


Brainiacs enrichment involves becoming scientists and engineers for an hour. We have been conducting scientific enquiries, focusing on answering scientific questions using the 5 types of enquiry. The 5 types of enquiry are the different methods scientists use to answer their questions. They are:

  • Pattern Seeking 
  • Comparative and Fair Testing
  • Identifying, Grouping and Classifying 
  • Observations Over Time
  • Research Using Secondary Sources

Through these investigations, we are developing our working scientifically skills such as predicting, measuring accurately, recording results, presenting findings, drawing conclusions and posing questions. Our sessions are practical, spark curiosity and develop vocabulary through the active use of our 3 core science principles (‘Hands On, Minds On, Curiosity is Key and Language for Learning’). 

When we are not carrying out investigations, we put our engineering caps on and explore various different STEM challenges such as: creating marble runs, paper tables and creating moving cars using Polos for wheels. 

Siobhan Gordon-Wylie – Science lead

Puzzles and Problem Solving

During our puzzles/problem solving sessions we learn the important life skill of resilience combined with strategies we use in Maths such as trial and improvement. We develop our partner work, team-building skills and turn taking and  learn the importance of listening to and reading instructions carefully. 

We have been solving Sudoku and Magic Square puzzles which have given us the opportunity to apply our mathematical fluency. We have also worked as teams to create domino toppling patterns. We began by making given letters and numbers and then progressed to solving the problem of how our dominoes could change level or bridge a gap. This required a lot of patience!

We have also explored shape, space and symmetry by following instructions to build detailed 3D models including parts we were unable to see on the picture. We used geoboards to create symmetrical designs and to investigate angles within polygons. As a result, our mathematical vocabulary has developed as has our ability to answer open-ended questions.

Mrs McQuade – Maths Subject Leader

Forest Schools

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful forest schools area which enables the children to get to use the outdoors as their extended classroom and have the opportunity to explore whatever the weather, using the natural environment surrounding them.

The children will build on their key skills, communication and language, increased knowledge of the environment, independence, learn how to take healthy risks, resilience, improvement on balance, coordination, fine motor skills, increased motivation to learn and working as part of a team, all whilst taking part in different activities such as:

  •         Den building
  •         Craft making
  •         Clay play
  •         Bug hotel
  •         Woodland Dragon
  •         Potato whittling

and many more……..

We feel that the main skills that the children can take from our Forest school session is ‘Teamwork’ and ‘Self Belief’

Mrs Huggins Tiny Steps Lead and Mrs Hannington Nursery Teacher


Greenfields is a community run garden a stone’s throw away from Haxby Road Primary Academy and we are lucky enough to benefit from the generosity of those who volunteer. 

Within our ‘Greenfields’ enrichment we:

  • Play team building games
  • Explore our environment – focusing on how food grows 
  • Eat looks of yummy fruit
  • Use the resources available to complete creative projects
  • Build dens
  • Hunt for animals (including insects)
  • Make links to our curriculum learning – E.G. animals and their habitats
  • Support the volunteers with some gardening tasks
  • Go with the interests of the children

And much more more.

The children love being out in the fresh air and having the opportunity to engage and support our local community.

Availability and Times

Our clubs change each half term. Please check through the school reception for availability and to book a place.

  • Wednesday – Year 1 and 2 Sports 3:00 – 4.15pm limited availability booked each half term
  • Thursday – Year 3 and 4 Sports 3:00 – 4.15pm limited availability booked each half term
  • Wednesday – Cook School – different class each term 3:00 – 4.15pm