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A day in the life of Stonegate

We begin at 8:50, however some very eager year 6 children like to join us early at 8:30! During this time they get themselves ready to learn by going on Mathletics or Reading Eggspress. At 8:50 children complete the morning starter which usually consists of a challenging maths or reading question.
Reading Squad follows and children in their groups practice their fluency and a range of comprehension skills.

After Reading squad, the children have a 20 minute slot to revisit learning from the prior day to ensure that no child has any gaps in their learning.
At 9:40, children begin their English session. We use class novels to develop our vocabulary and creative writing skills. We use lots of drama skills to support our ideas for writing and spend a lot of time perfecting complex sentence types to ensure that our writing is appropriate and purposeful.
10:30 is our playtime – where we are able to play football in the MUGA or basketball – we are all very energetic in Year 6!

10:45 leads us into maths. Daily we practice a range of arithmetic skills in the preparation of the SATs test ahead. Alongside this we focus on developing and securing maths basics from years 3-6 and we deepen our understanding of maths reasoning skills through teaching small steps of progression within each aspect of maths.

In the afternoons we learn through our exciting whole school topics, covering all subject areas! For more information about our current topic, see below! On Wednesday afternoon, we have Spanish, PE and Music lessons led by specialist teachers. School provides a PE kit for every child.

Children in Years 5 and 6 are allowed to walk home from school without a parent/carer with their parents permission. Please note children in Years 5 and 6 can bring a mobile telephone to school, these must be handed into the class teacher for safekeeping each morning. Phones are brought in at your own risk.

Seesaw/Google Classroom
We use the app Seesaw to showcase our children’s fabulous learning and keep in touch with parents at this tricky time! If you need any help accessing the app, we would be happy to assist! We also use Google Classroom and in the eventuality that any child needs to self isolate, we will provide all remote learning via these two platforms.

Becoming real life web designers! The children have become experts at creating their very own websites about World War 1. They have also enjoyed being scientists! They enjoyed linking their science to arithmetic and created Bananmatharithmetics! See our Seesaw and Google classroom posts!

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