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This year all of our exciting connected learning is inspired by songs from Disney films and musicals! This half term our theme is, ‘Reflection’. 


In Early Years, the children will be making a journey into Space! They will explore the world from space, learning about the moon and some planets! They will have a mission to build a rocket to get to the moon and learn about space travel. We are really excited for this topic and will be exploring lots of exciting stories linked to space!

We will finish the topic by diving into all things Christmas – doing Talk 4 Writing activities and retelling stories about Christmas time. 

Year 1 and 2

This half term we will reflect on the significant past event, The Great Fire of London! We will learn all about how the fire started, spread and how we know about it today. Through Science we will explore everyday materials, distinguishing between an object and the material it is made. We will also be learning the continents of the world, how and why we celebrate special and sacred times and our DT project will focus on stiffening and strengthening structures. In addition, we will use marbling to create artwork that represents the reflection of the Great Fire in the River Thames.

Year 3 and 4

Within our Reflections learning theme, we will be exploring light and how reflections help us see. We will also be reflecting on our differences and how we can respect each other. In DT, the children will be creating strong, sturdy structures, inspired by Santiago Calatrava. Through our Geography learning, children will compare Wales with Italy, supporting our class novel King of the Sky. In computing, we will be exploring how activity online doesn’t always reflect reality and what we can do in these situations. Year 4 will be gaining a deeper understanding of different religions within Britain and how certain religious and non-religious communities celebrate key festivals e.g. festival of light. Year 3 will be learning about  Hinduism in Britain today. We are looking forward to visiting York Minster to look at the stained glass windows and to appreciate our local heritage.

Year 5 and 6

In Upper Key Stage 2 this half term, we will reflect on how, over millions of years, our natural world has used evolution to adapt to the environment. In Geography we will discover the Human and Physical features of North America, focusing on the key cities, the Rockies and the Great Lakes; culminating in a hand made skyline for our DT topic work. In computing, Year 6 will continue to reflect on their impact on the world in relation to digital citizenship and Year 5 will further develop their understanding of algorithms. Finally in RE, Year 6 will be looking at what religions say to us when life gets hard and in Year 5, they will be looking at the importance of places of worship within different religions.


Our learning will be celebrated during our showcase and INSPIRE sessions shared with parents and governors. 


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