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Holiday Request Form

School is regularly audited to ensure that they are following government guidelines and policies. Schools are not permitted to authorise holiday requests for the following reasons:

  • The availability of cheap holidays or accommodation
  • The weather at a particular time of year
  • The holiday happens to overlap the start or end of the school term.
  • The holiday exceeds the 10 school days in length (unless there are exceptional circumstances, in which case, please make an appointment to see the Head of School.)

Please remember :

  • Absence from school can be very disruptive to your child’s education.
  • Time off for holidays is not an automatic right. Schools have the discretion to grant up to 10 school days absence within any school year.

If you wish to request leave of absence or for a family holiday, please complete the form below and email to or bring into the school office.

Many Thanks

Holiday request form

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