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Haxby Road News 28.9.18

A message from the Head of School…

At Haxby Road we really want all our children to have a positive attitude towards their learning, make good progress and be successful. The staff have been really busy this week helping the children to develop their ‘growth mindset.’ This week I have observed the children relishing challenges and embracing mistakes as part of their learning process. We have been valuing the importance of effort and rewarding children for their hard work in lessons.
This week the year 6 children went to the York Food Festival and made ice cream and chocolate lollipops. They thoroughly enjoyed this experience but unfortunately forgot to bring any of their treats back to school to share with the staff!
Miss Woodward

Attendance Update

Our School Target is 97%
Last week our attendance was: 95.63%
The winners this week are…
First Place: 1KS with 99.56%
Second Place: 5CM with 97.09%
Third Place: 1,2NS & 3NW with 96.34%

Improving Communication using our school website

In March 2018 we sent out a parent/career questionnaire to find out the views of our families. We are using this information to help us improve our school. 94% agreed that school communicates effectively about events and activities. However we would like to improve this for everyone.
Mr Reeves Kemp and I have just received training on how to update our school website with events, news and activities. Currently we have 4 parents who have subscribed to the website. This means they receive up to date information all the time. We would love to increase the number of parents who subscribe to our website.
On our school website there is a link at the top of the page saying SUBSCRIBE. All you need to do is type in your email address and you will receive up to date information about events and news.
We really hope that we can increase the number of parents who subscribe to our website. Thank you for your support.
Miss Woodward

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