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Up and Away!

Our connected learning for the first half of the summer term will take us to new heights!

In Early Years, the children are following the theme of ‘Happily Ever After!’ We have been learning the story of the ‘Billy Goats Gruff’ and are able to retell the story using actions! We have even made our own clay models from the story and become architects and designed our own bridges in the craft area and bricks area! The children have loved retelling the story and acting it out with friends! Soon, we will meet a boy named Jack who encounters a giant! The children will explore planting beanstalks, collaging beanstalks and even writing letters to help poor Jack!

Key Stage One will travel back in time to learn about the Wright brothers and explore early flight, understanding how events beyond living memory are significant and researching some of the ways in which we find out about the past. Our class books including ‘Grey Island Red Boat’ and ‘The Secret Sky Garden’ also explore air travel!

We will also be becoming weather forecasters observing and describing weather associated with the seasons and identifying seasonal and daily weather patterns in the United Kingdom. Inspired by famous sculptures, we will also create our very own sculptures with wings and develop our clay modelling skills using tools and textures. We will also be becoming weather forecasters observing and describing weather associated with the seasons and identifying seasonal and daily weather patterns in the United Kingdom. In Geography, we will expand our locational knowledge and in RE we will explore sacred places and what makes them so special. Using our new Chromebooks we will also be developing our computing skills.


Year 3 and 4 will also be learning about the history of flight and will use a timeline to sequence events in chronological order. We will ignite our topic by making and flying our own paper aeroplanes and will learn about a Yorkshireman – Sir George Cayley – and his famous invention. We will design and make our own flying machines using papier mache and will also be creating collages of an aerial view. In Science we are investigating the properties of the states of matter  (solids, liquids and gases). One of our class books is ‘King of the Skies’ and we will be using our geographical skills to compare the two places in the story – Wales and Italy. We will also be reading the book Rumblestar and writing our own adventure stories. We will be learning about why life is like a journey in RE, focusing on Judaism and Christianity, and in PSHCE we will be thinking about Unicef’s convention of the rights of the child using the book Wisp to learn about refugees. In Computing we will be learning how to respond appropriately to emails .



Our wider curriculum learning in Upper Key Stage two will also be based around the theme of ‘Up, Up and Away.’ Education has the ability to transport us around the world, through engaging stories, interactive geography, creative art and much more. These connected learning opportunities will encourage children to make links between subjects and will allow them to gain a deeper understanding of how, what we have done before, can help us in the future – as we fly up, up and away.


The children in Upper Key Stage two, will be transported back in time, in order to learn all about evolution and how animals have evolved (and grown) over time. We will even observe, as a caterpillar grows, evolves and transforms into a beautiful butterfly. We will also be exploring physical features of rivers and coasts, beginning to understand erosion and deposition. As well as finding and identifying deserts and mountain ranges all across the globe. Moreover, we will be moving up, away and to Egypt to gain a deeper understanding of their achievements, linked to our class novel ‘The Secrets of Sun King’. Within Art and DT we will be looking at important inventions and how they have helped with travel, thinking carefully about our materials, costs and manufacturing. Can you think of something, which can help us travel up, up and away? Maybe even all of the way to the stars… Finally, we will be learning about control systems in computing, which will enable us to make our very own countdown timers ready for ‘lift off’!

As mentioned, our incredible and immersive whole class novel ‘The Secrets of the Sun King’ will be interwoven within all of our wider curriculum learning and will act as a high quality text, which will in turn lead to high quality learning.


Our learning will be celebrated during our showcase and INSPIRE sessions shared with parents and governors. During our ‘Haxby Road 100’ week the children are excited to return to educational visits and already have a list of places they would like to go.

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