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Run Around the World

Run Around the World

Dear Parent/Carer

We would like to invite you and your child to take part in our Run Around the World – a fun event for all of our 24 schools during these challenging times.


Research has shown there are many physical and mental benefits of being active and keeping fit. Regular exercise combats stress and helps you sleep at night.


There are over 6,000 pupils and more than 1,200 staff at our schools and we like to think of ourselves as one big family, always looking out for one another. Such a large school population means we can sometimes join forces and attempt ambitious challenges – and we believe our Run Around the World challenge is something everyone can take part in, to help achieve something really special.


For example, if 6,500 of us run, walk, cycle or wheel 200 metres a day, each day during the month of May, then we will have collectively travelled over 40,000km by the end of the challenge. This is the distance around the Earth!


You or your child don’t have to take part in our Run Around the World if you don’t want to, but we believe it will be an enjoyable distraction in these unsettling times. Bear in mind, instead of 200 metres a day you could always do 1,400 metres in one go a week – or even more, if you are able to.


You can register your family’s achievements on a daily basis by using the online form on your school website, or at Or, if you prefer, you can complete the attached form, but be sure to email distances to school every Friday.


Adding your distances run – or walked or cycled or wheeled – every day using the online form, means we can track our progress on a map to see how we’re doing.


We have a sponsorship page (, for those parents/carers who are able to donate. All donations will go to charities that support the NHS. We appreciate these are financially difficult times, however, and there is no expectation for you to contribute. Our key objective is to stay active.


I do hope you are able to join us on our big adventure, which starts tomorrow!


Yours faithfully

Mrs Gail Brown
Chief Executive and Executive Headteacher

What happens next?

To take part, you, your children and any friends and family, should run, walk, cycle or wheel an average of 200 metres per day starting Friday 1 May and ending Sunday 31 May. You can save up your activity, if you like, and do it when it suits – perhaps a 5,000 metre jog once a week? Try to do more than 200 metres a day/1,400 metres a week if you can!

How can I be sure of the distances travelled?

Most mobile phones these days have apps which can give you this information, otherwise we will have to rely on your best guess.

Don’t forget to keep a record of your distances

This is really important. Preferably every day, go to your school’s website (or to and complete the Run Around the World online form, which then records the distances. By completing it online, every day, means we can track everyone’s progress and see whereabouts in the world we are. If you can’t get online, or you prefer not to, you can use the Record Sheet – but don’t forget to email your school each Friday so they know what distance you’ve travelled.

Do I have to find sponsorship?

It costs nothing to take part in our Run Around the World. If you want to – but this is optional – you can contribute to our JustGiving page, which supports NHS charities, at

Record Sheet

For more information and the record sheet, follow this link.


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