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Out of the Window

Our second topic ‘Out of the Window’ explores the Science, History and Geography of the changing seasons . Through reading, writing, drama, investigation, enquiry and art, we explore the endless possibilities our imagination has to offer. Our creative projects focus on capturing the world outside through different mediums including painting, sculpture, photography and pastels.This topic supports our pillar of ‘Heritage’.

In Early Years, the children ignited their learning with many exciting visitors including the Police, Ambulance, Fire Service and even an adorable guide dog as they explore ‘People who Help us.’ In the coming weeks their next focus ‘Frozen’ will develop imagination, investigation and widen vocabulary.

Key Stage One are travelling back in time exploring the Ice-Age, understanding how events beyond living memory are significant and researching some of the ways in which we find out about the past. We will also be becoming weather forecasters observing and describing weather associated with the seasons and identifying seasonal and daily weather patterns in the United Kingdom. Our class books including ‘Pumpkin Soup’, ‘Ice Bear’ and ‘Grey Island Red Boat’ show how important author choice of season and weather is. Inspired by the work of landscape photographer John Potter, we will be creating our own photography art as well as developing painting techniques using colour, pattern and texture to create a painting inspired by Leonid Afremov. We will also demonstrate our understanding of how and why we celebrate special and sacred times and how to use technology safely and respectfully.

Year 3 and 4 are delving into the magical world of Narnia with their class novel, ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. Working scientifically we will use and construct classification keys to sort and classify in different ways, recognising different characteristics and describing how environmental changes can affect living things. In RE we will explore why festivals are important to religious communities, comparing different festivals from different religions. The children will also be developing their knowledge and understanding of different locations in terms of human and physical features, exploring how people have different qualities of life depending on where they live. We will also be aspiring active citizens by investigating how fundraising can support communities around the world. Through our creative project, we will design, build and evaluate a window style photo frame, use sketch books to shape and form ideas and create a piece of ‘out of the window’ art based on the style of a famous artist. In our modern world, we will explore the dangers of spending too long online and the importance of regular screen breaks. We are becoming computing whizzes so this term will be using technology and databases to collect and retrieve information and writing programmes that create specific goal. 



Year 5 and 6 are reading the class novel ‘Sky Song’ which is set in the Arctic.  They ignited their materials topic with a trip to the National Railway Museum, Brass, Steel and Fire exhibition. Whilst exploring materials the children will explain how to separate materials in a solution, decide how best to separate mixtures and sort, classify and rank different  materials. We are also learning all about George Stephenson, using a variety of sources to discover how he paved the way for modern railway. Using the wordless picture book, ‘Window’ the children will explore key themes through art and writing, using their imagination to show the passing of time. The children will also be reimagining the view from their own classroom window by redesigning the school playground. In RE we will be thinking about why festivals and celebrations are important and understanding how different religions and belief systems can support people through difficult times in their lives. 

Our learning will be celebrated during an Art Gallery exhibition and INSPIRE sessions with parents and governors. During our ‘Haxby Road 100’ week the children will visit lots of places including

York Art Gallery, Treasurer's house and York Winter Wonderland.


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