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Lights, Camera, Action!

Our learning for the final half term of this year is a real cause for applause!

In Early Years, we are exploring the topic of ‘Up and Away’ to finish our year. We will begin by going up into Space and learning about planets and spaceships. We will be reading ‘Look Up!’ which teaches us about the first black woman in space! We will then return into the atmosphere to head off on holiday via our own airport and make our own junk modelling planes. Next, we will hop onto a hot air balloon and journey through the skies, exploring collages, gravity and the movie ‘Up!’

We will finish off our ‘Up and Away’ topic by exploring the wordless picture book called ‘Umbrella’ and discuss the journeys we can take and write our own story to accompany this wordless book! We are also very lucky to have some caterpillars joining our Reception class and see their journey from caterpillar to beautiful butterflies!

This will sadly finish our Reception journey as we move up into Year 1. We will spend time during the last two weeks preparing for this exciting step, and like the butterflies, getting ready to spread our wings and fly into our glorious futures!


Key Stage One will explore the magic of theatre, then and now and learn about the influence of significant individuals Mozart and Andrew Lloyd Webber. 

After researching different types of topic books, using our design technology skills, we will bring pictures to life using levers and sliders and we will explore how technology is used in the making of film, TV and theatre. In Science, we will explore the wonderful world of plants and trees! We are excited to explore Greenfield, map out the different types of plants that are growing and create our own classroom garden centre! For our showcase, we are excited to invite our wider school community to an outdoor performance based on our class novel, ‘Matilda’! We really enjoyed our Ignite cinema morning watching the film too! In RE we will look at how and why different religions celebrate special and sacred times! We are also so excited for our HR100 week where we will visit exciting places in our local area.

In year 3 and 4 a visit from Badapple Theatre Company ignited our topic and we were very interested in looking at all the different puppets they brought with them. We are looking forward to making our own shadow puppets and will be writing instructions.  We will also be going on a ‘behind the scenes’ visit to Joseph Rowntree Theatre to learn more about theatre production and lighting. The short film ‘La Luna’ will be our inspiration for writing film narrative and we will be using some of the images in the film to create silhouette watercolour paintings. In Science we will be learning about light sources, shadows and reflection. We will be researching the history of television sets and cameras and will use our computing skills to create animated sequences and musical soundtracks. We will continue to learn about key life events in Christianity and Judaism and are looking forward to a visit from YoYo. Monday June 14th is the start of Money Week when we will be learning about the importance of budgeting and saving.



During our Lights, Camera… Action learning theme, children in upper key stage 2 will use different media platforms and art styles to develop their understanding of our wider curriculum learning. Children will explore their science learning by taking a closer look at movie stunts and how the different forces come into effect. We will also explore trade links and the distribution of goods (including energy and films) between different countries.  Children will use film archives and modern films to identify changes in locality over time, whilst exploring reliable sources. For Art/Dt children will make film posters and trailers, whilst gaining a deeper understanding of the art form and the desired effect of the artist. Finally, children will use Scratch to create an animated game based on their favourite tv character. We also have a number of activities linked to transition into secondary school and will use drama, supported by a trip to Joesph Rowntree Theatre, to explore different scenarios and how to manage them effectively. Please also keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming information linked to our school leavers activities, which include bowling, footgolf and a music festival.

Our learning will be celebrated during our showcase and INSPIRE sessions shared with parents and governors. During our ‘Haxby Road 100’ week the children are excited to return to educational visits and already have a list of places they would like to go.



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