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Haxby Road Primary Academy – Remote Teaching and Learning

Haxby Road Primary Academy – Remote Teaching and Learning.

‘Remote Teaching and Learning’ refers to the provision of online learning activities, teacher support, assessment and feedback from teachers to pupils in the event that normal lessons are unable to be delivered ‘face-to-face’ as normal. 

Dear Parent/Carer

As you all know, during these unprecedented times technology has been a fantastic resource in allowing us to continue to deliver high quality teaching and learning remotely. We therefore, as a school, are endeavouring to ensure this high quality education will continue no matter the circumstances or a child, family, ‘bubble’ or staff member.

Where the Government Guidance is different this time from March, is around the importance of home learning. The provision is no longer a childcare facility with some home learning opportunities, but much more about maintaining a high level of education. This means there is a clear expectation on parents, school and its pupils to engage with home learning – almost like the pupil is still at school. This means school and home need to grow clear strategies to tackle this and work together closely. It is now an expectation that children complete all of the learning provided via the online learning platforms. 

In order to do this a number of online platforms will be used to facilitate your children’s ongoing learning, which will continue to be based on the national curriculum and our curriculum design. The platform used may vary depending on the year group of your child as outlined in the ‘Remote Teaching and Learning Policy’ (available on the website).

The provisions provided for your child online will mostly include independent learning challenges facilitated by Google Slides/Seesaw (and may include teacher help videos). All learning will reflect the national curriculum. Live Learning check ins may be offered throughout the week, to allow children to virtually check in with each other and their teacher- more information regarding this will be provided shortly. 

On Friday 8.1.21 we will send a letter for each year group, clearly explaining what remote learning will look like for your child. This will include an overview timetable for the week and the school’s expectations. We will also upload this information onto our school website. 

Remote teaching and learning does however rely on access to the internet and a device capable of facilitating the online platforms being used. If you do not have access to the internet or any devices, please contact school and we will work closely with you to support your child’s needs and learning. 

Expectations, guidance and an in-depth overview about all aspects of remote teaching and learning, including provisions and feedback are available on our website.However, please be aware that it is an expectation that all home learning must be completed and handed in.

If you have any problems, please make contact with school.

Thank you for your continual and unwavering support,

Miss Woodward

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