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Haxby Road News 12.10.18

A message from the Head of School…

World Mental Health Day took place on Wednesday 10th October. In school the children took part in simple activities to improve and maintain their own wellbeing.
We explained to the children that mental health is just like physical health. Everyone has it and we need to take care of it.  The children learnt that mental health describes
how you are feeling and how well you can cope with day to day life. The teachers shared some great tips for looking after their wellbeing. Key Stage 1 children enjoyed quiet
time in the outside environment and learnt breathing techniques to help them relax. Please talk to your child/children about the techniques they learnt. It’s really important to make time to look after yourself. Try and put your feet up tonight when your children are in bed and relax.
Miss Woodward

Attendance Update

Our School Target is 97%

This week our attendance was:
The winners this week are…
First Place: Gillygate 98.70%
Second Place: Nessgate 97.54%
Third Place: Micklegate 96.63%
Reminder…Attendance Movie Night

Thursday 25.10.18


Exciting News

Read all about it….Mrs McQuade has been given the exciting opportunity to represent the Ebor Academy Trust on a visit to Shanghai. She will be learning about how maths is taught there and will be able to bring back lots of great ideas to try in school. Miss Ramsay and Mrs Gibson will be teaching the class while she is away. We can’t wait for Mrs McQuade to share her new ideas with the school and help improve how we deliver mathematics across school.
For more information visit: 


Reception Inspire Afternoon

On Monday 15th October at 3.15pm Miss Wilkinson will be delivering fun and active Reading and Phonics games to all the parents and carers. It would be great to
see all our Reception families at the event as the games will really help you support your child with learning to read at home. We look forward to seeing you there.


School Photographs

School Photographs will be taking place on Wednesday 7th November.


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