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Fit Fridays

Every Friday is a Fit Friday!

At Haxby Road, we support and encourage our pupils to lead active healthy lifestyles. The journey to school is an easy way to build in regular exercise. Walking, cycling and scooting to school has many benefits. Amongst other things, it is good for our health and wellbeing, saves money and helps make the streets outside school safer and more pedestrian friendly by reducing air pollution and congestion.

This year we are promoting ‘Fir Fridays’ and are asking pupils to walk, cycle or scoot to school every Friday. Each week our Travel Crew will record the total number of active journeys made. The fittest and most active class will receive a special mention and a weekly award in our whole school assembly.

Families unable to walk, cycle or scoot for the whole journey, are encouraged to use public transport or car-share and asked to park further away from school. Pupils driven to school can take part by completing at least the last 5 minutes of their journey by foot, bike or scooter.

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