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Face Coverings

13 October 2020

To parents and carers at
all Ebor Academy Trust schools 

Dear Parent/Carer

Face coverings on school premises and social distancing

Yesterday the prime minister explained how the government is adopting new ways to combat rising cases of Covid-19.

We want to echo the call for greater collective responsibility. Would parents and carers always wear face coverings while on school premises and maintain at least two metres of social distancing.

We appreciate, and thank, the many parents and carers who assiduously wear face coverings and do keep their distance – but unfortunately, there are too many people who do not. In turn this is leading to complaints to the school office that can be difficult to manage. 

At the same time, we will continue to respect the wishes of those people who have valid reasons for not wearing face coverings. 

Please let us continue to work together as a school community that supports one another, to try and safely find a way through the extraordinary times we are all experiencing.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Gail Brown
Chief Executive and Executive Headteacher


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