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City of York Update

Home learning – New

A Parent’s Guide to Promoting Early Learning and Development at Home (0 – 5 years) Supporting Families During the Coronavirus Pandemic (attached).

Temporary changes to EYFS – New


To support early years providers who remain open to vulnerable children of critical workers during the coronavirus outbreak, the Government has temporarily dis-applied and modified certain elements of the early years foundation stage (EYFS) statutory framework. These changes come into force today (24 April). This will allow providers greater flexibility to respond to changes in workforce availability and potential fluctuations in demand, while still providing care that is high quality and safe.

Foundation Years hosted a video podcast with the Department for Education (DfE) to share the latest information on the dis-applications and answer your questions.

You can watch the video and download the slides here.

DfE will shortly publish guidance here.

York Learning – New


Grateful if you could share this information from York Learning via your usual channels:

York Learning’s Family Learning team have put all sorts of activities onto their Facebook page and Instagram, including fun games, activities and recipes to try at home, a Wednesday afternoon “Ask the teacher” slot for all those maths questions and tips for managing stress in a Friday weekend wind-down.  These can be found at: and


@FamilyLearningInYork on Instagram.


We’ve also started a project to build a Giant Virtual Rainbow, so we need your help! Each week we’ll be collecting photos focussing on one colour of the rainbow. This week’s colour is red.  If you are a school or pre-school setting, are working with families, or have children of your own, please ask children to spot anything red, at home or outdoors. You can post your photos and tag us in them, using the hashtag #FamilyLearningRainbow, add them as a comment on facebook, message them to us on facebook or Instagram, or email


York Mind – New


York Mind is an independent local mental health charity that aims to empower individuals experiencing mental ill health to start on the pathway to recovery. The following information is about a range of new online workshops it is offering for anyone who may be struggling during the current lockdown:

York Mind’s existing services remain operational, the new offers are free of charge for those able to access them:


Mindfulness – a six week course running from 1 May to 5 June 2020 (10:30am – 12:00 noon)


Yoga for wellbeing and relaxation – a four week course running from 15 May to 5 June (10:00am – 11:00am)


Building Resilience – a four week course running from 7 May to 28 May (1:00pm – 2:00pm)


Creative Writing – details to be announced


1-1 Coaching – further information on the website


1-1 Telephone support – further information on the website


You do not need to have severe or enduring mental health problems – these offers are for all who just might need a few tips or would benefit from being in (virtual) contact with others.


For more information, please see:


York Schools and Academies Board (YSAB) – New


We thought it would be helpful for you to see the following statement from the members of YSAB who have agreed the following initial statement on a coordinated approach to reopening York schools when the current arrangements are eased:

Statement regarding the reopening of York Schools and Academies

The word “school” in the following statement refers to all schools and academies in the City of York.

All schools in the City of York are represented on the York Schools and Academies Board (YSAB). It is important to make clear that our schools are, in one form or another, currently “open” to two groups of pupils: our vulnerable pupils and to the children of key workers. In this statement, “reopening” schools refers to reopening our schools to pupils beyond those two groups.

YSAB is committed to ensuring that our pupils and staff return to work in our schools as soon as possible. Ultimately, the reopening of schools will be determined by central government; York’s local response will be to implement that national decision as it has been with the current period of partial closure.

Current COVID-19 guidance from the DfE states that Local authorities are responsible for coordinating a response to the new arrangements. Whilst the decision to reopen a school rests with each individual school’s headteacher and governing body/trust board, we are committed to reopening York’s schools in a coordinated fashion.

YSAB is committed to reopening York’s schools as soon as the government’s expert medical advice declares it is safe to reopen schools. We acknowledge that reopening primary schools will require different practical procedures compared to reopening secondary schools; likewise, fully reopening our special schools will entail different practical procedures to our mainstream schools.

John Tomsett, (chair) On behalf of the York Schools and Academies Board, 24 April 2020


Contact Details


In order to ensure that Covid-19 related queries from settings are dealt with as effectively and efficiently as possible please direct all emails to:

Quality Improvement

Early Education Funding

Other early years and childcare issues

Please also be clear in your subject heading.

Early Years & Childcare Web Page

Social Care – If you have significant concern regarding a vulnerable child:

o   If the matter is urgent please contact the Front Door /MASH Monday – Friday between 8.30am and 5pm on 01904 551900 where you will be able to discuss your concerns with a social worker.

o   If it is out of hours please contact the Emergency Duty Team on 01609 780780 or if a child is at immediate risk please contact North Yorkshire Police.

Once again thank you for everything you are doing and we will continue to keep you updated as much as we can.

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